Detroit Lions’ new kicker vs. Seattle Seahawks may or may not be a good thing

The Detroit Lions' new kicker this coming Sunday for their crucial Week 4 matchup vs. the Seattle Seahawks has not had much experience.

The Detroit Lions' new kicker this coming Sunday when they host the Seattle Seahawks may or may not be a good thing.

On Friday afternoon, the Lions released their final injury report for Week 4, and included on the report is kicker Austin Seibert.

Seibert, who is dealing with a groin issue, has already been ruled OUT for Sunday's matchup against the Seahawks.

Who is the Detroit Lions' new Kicker?

The Detroit Lions will have a new kicker on Sunday, and his name is Dominik Eberle.

Eberle, who is 26, has been on the Lions' practice squad, and now he is being called up to kick against the Seahawks.

In his career, Eberle has played in just one game, and he made two out of three kicks he attempted in that game, including one from 51 yards.

Time will tell if Eberle steps up and comes up big for the Lions, but if he does, we may never see Austin Seibert kick again for the Lions.

Detroit Lions' new kicker
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Dan Campbell willing to give Austin Seibert another chance

This past Sunday, the Detroit Lions had the ball fourth-and-1 from the Minnesota Vikings‘ 36-yard line when Dan Campbell elected to attempt a 54-yard field goal rather than either punt the ball or go for what would have been the game-winning first down.

“Well, yeah, listen, I’d be willing to give him another go,” Campbell said at his weekly news conference. “I mean if I didn’t feel that way, I wouldn’t have let him kick there at the end of the game.”

Nation, are you glad the Detroit Lions' new kicker on Sunday is somebody other than Austin Seibert?