Detroit Lions News: Jake Bates Contract Details Revealed

Detroit Lions Sign UFL Kicker Jake Bates to Two-Year Deal

According to a report from Aaron Wilson, the Detroit Lions have officially bolstered their special teams by signing All-UFL kicker Jake Bates to a two-year, $1.98 million contract.

Contract Details and Financial Terms

Jake Bates’ deal, includes a $100,000 signing bonus and a total of $150,000 guaranteed money. Over the next two years, he will receive base salaries of $750,000 and $960,000. Additionally, Bates will get $50,000 of his first-year salary guaranteed, a $75,000 workout bonus in 2025, and a $50,000 roster bonus this year.

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Journey from the UFL to the NFL

Jake Bates, who gained prominence with the Michigan Panthers in the United Football League (UFL), showcased his exceptional long-distance kicking ability. One of his standout performances includes a 64-yard field goal, demonstrating his powerful leg and accuracy. His transition from a soccer player at Tomball High School to a standout kicker in college and briefly with the Houston Texans has been marked by consistent growth and improvement.

Interest from Multiple NFL Teams

Veteran NFL agent Marty Magid of MRM Sports successfully negotiated Bates’ contract with the Lions. Bates was a sought-after talent, having visited the Green Bay Packers and Washington Commanders, and received interest from three other NFL teams.

Impressive Performance and UFL Highlights

Jake Bates led the UFL with several field goals over 60 yards, including a remarkable 62-yarder and three others from similar distances. Over the 2024 UFL season, he made 21 out of 28 field goal attempts in 11 games for the Panthers. In a playoff loss to the Birmingham Stallions, Bates scored four out of six field goals, further proving his reliability under pressure.

Jake Bates’ Potential Impact on the Detroit Lions’ Special Teams

Known for his powerful kickoffs and precision, Jake Bates also led the SEC with a 64.47 yards per kickoff average and 64 touchbacks during his college career. His ability to consistently deliver in critical moments makes him a valuable addition to the Lions’ special teams unit.

With his strong leg and proven track record, Jake Bates is expected to bring significant value to the Detroit Lions, enhancing their kicking game and contributing to their overall success on the field.

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