Was this Detroit Lions fan Premature or Passionate?


Most sports fans in America can be described in one word, optimistic. They show up in droves every Sunday or Saturday or whenever a game may be on, and they procede to root and cheer their hearts out for their team. Every sports fan hopes that at the end of the season their team is the one to win a championship, and this optimism drives the very nature of fandom.

The question becomes is this optimism, blind faith, or driven passion?

One Detroit Lions fan is asking that question to himself, right now, after the tragic loss the Detroit Lions suffered this past Sunday. Dave is a die-hard Detroit Lions fan, who at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, decided to get a tattoo, as seen below, with the Detroit Lions’ logo alongside the Vince Lombardi Trophy and “2015 Champs” written across the bottom.


Here is the original Channel Four story about Dave the optimist via clickondetroit.com.


Clearly Dave’s tattoo is now outdated and a bit on the unfortunate side. The question becomes whether his decision to get the tattoo was really just a spur of the moment act, or something of a deeply devoted fan in hopes of a title for his team.


The answer is up to you fellow Lions fans. Was Dave’s tattoo a product of being premature, or being a passionate fan?


Originally posted via CBS Sports.com
Originally posted via CBS Sports.com writer Will Brinson