Matthew Stafford Mic’d Up During Controversial No-Call, Heard Screaming “Home Cooking!”


Per a report by CBS Detroit:

Tonight’s episode of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime will feature audio of a mic’d up Matthew Stafford. Stafford was apparently mic’d up for the big pass interference no-call in Sunday’s 24-20 controversial loss to the Dallas Cowboys. In the preview of the audio, Stafford is heard saying the following:

“’That’s unbelievable… and you know it,’ Stafford said, visibly animated. ‘You know it is, though… How does that get overturned? …. Congratulations. It’s unbelievable.’

‘Can we explain that or no?’ Stafford asks. ‘Just flat out overturning a pass interference call?’ An official then mentions face guarding to Stafford, and the quarterback responds: ‘I understand, but your man saw it and threw a penalty…. I understand that… But I’ve never in the history seen one turned over. Congratulations, man. First time in history that’s happened.'”.

Later after the call, Stafford was heard yelling “Home Cooking!” openly to the referees, as the Lions were forced to watch Dallas drive the length of the field for the game-winning touchdown. Staffords’ words will resonate with many of the Lions’ fans. The starting QB articulated exactly what many outside of Dallas have felt since that unfortunate occurrence took place Sunday evening.

It is clear that Stafford was as exasperated as everyone at home was during the sequence of the overturned penalty. More of this audio can be seen on CBS, or tune in for Inside the NFL’s episode on the debacle at 9:00 PM EST, on Showtime.


Here is the link to the original story and also original audio via CBS Detroit’s coverage of the Pass Interference that wasn’t.