BAM! Former Detroit Lions QB Dan Orlovsky calls out Matthew Stafford haters

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford signals for a first down after a run in the first quarter.(Photo: Daniel Mears / Detroit News)

Whether you love Matthew Stafford, hate Matthew Stafford, or are indifferent to Matthew Stafford, you have to admit that he did not play his best game on Thanksgiving Day as the Detroit Lions lost to the Minnesota Vikings 30-23.

When all was said on done, Stafford completed 20 of 35 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns, but it was some of the plays he did not make that made it difficult for the Lions to beat a very good Vikings team. Not only did the Lions signal-caller miss Theo Riddick on a screen pass that would have been a guaranteed touchdown, but he also overthrew an open Golden Tate down the middle on what also may have resulted in six points on the board.

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Following the game (and during it), the Stafford haters were out in full force on Twitter telling us just how bad he is and how he is not earning his paycheck.

Heck, this dude was still thinking about Stafford this morning.

One person who has been a consistent supporter of Stafford is former Lions quarterback, Dan Orlovsky. After watching Dak Prescott the Dallas Cowboys get dominated by the Chargers last night and reading through some of the negative Stafford tweets floating around, “Danny O” had a message for the haters.

Orlovsky is 100% on the money with his defense of Matthew Stafford. That fact that Stafford has managed to lead the Lions to the NFL Playoffs in two of the past three seasons is amazing considering he has not had a running game to help him out.

That being said, the haters are always gonna hate!