Detroit Lions Week 7 Rooting Guide


The Detroit Lions (3-3) may be on a bye week but that does not mean that Week 7 is not important to their chances of making the playoffs.

So, in case you are not sure about which teams to root for this week, we have you covered.

Ignore the AFC vs. AFC Matchups

Obviously, when it comes to the Detroit Lions making the playoffs or not making the playoffs, AFC vs. AFC matchups play absolutely zero role. So, feel free to ignore the following games this week.

Kansas City @ Oakland (Already completed)

Tennessee @ Cleveland

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

New York Jets @ Miami

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

Denver @ San Diego

AFC over NFC, every time

If the Lions can find a way to win the NFC North, they will automatically clinch a home playoff game. That being said, if they come up just short in the North, they will earn a Wild Card spot in the NFC, which means having a better record than the other NFC teams that did not win their division. So, make sure to root for the AFC over the NFC today, including these matchups.

Buffalo over Tampa Bay

Baltimore over Minnesota

New England over Atlanta

Some NFC vs. NFC games are not so obvious

Like we said above, if the Lions fail to win the NFC North, they will rely on having a better record than the other NFC teams to get a Wild Card spot. So, here are the NFC vs. NFC games that you should pay close attention to, along with who you should be rooting for.

Chicago over Carolina – Let’s assume the Bears will not threaten the Lions in the NFC North, so rooting for them over the Panthers is the way to go.

New Orleans over Green Bay – The number one goal for the Lions should be to win the NFC North, therefore, Green Bay must go down. Root for the Saints.

Arizona over L.A. Rams – This one is not so cut and dry. I believe the Seattle Seahawks will end up winning the NFC West, which means the Rams could pose a threat to the Lions for the better record at the end of the season. Since the Lions have the tie-breaker over the Cardinals, let’s root for them today.

San Francisco over Dallas – The Cowboys are struggling, but there is no way the 49ers will challenge the Lions in the NFC. Root for San Francisco.

New York Giants over Seattle – If Seattle does not win the NFC West, you can be sure they will be in the mix for a Wild Card spot. New York will not. Root for the G-Men.

Philadelphia over Washington – Philly is in control of the NFC East at 5-1 and they look to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Washington will only get into the playoffs if they get a Wild Card berth. Root for the Eagles hard in this one.