LOOK: Detroit Lions tweet not-so-cryptic message following screw-job

It did not take too long for those watching the game between the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon to realize it would not be an easy game for the team wearing the Honolulu blue and silver.

The Falcons jumped out to a quick lead and time and time again it looked like they were ready to put their foot on the Lions’ necks. But Detroit absolutely refused to die as they picked off three passes thrown by Falcons signal-caller, Matt Ryan.

But, with time running down towards 0:00 in the fourth quarter, Matthew Stafford connected with Golden Tate on what appeared to be the game-winning touchdown. Unfortunately, for the Lions and their fans, the call on the field was reversed, a 10-second runoff was applied, and the game was over. The Lions had lost.

Following the screw job by the officials, whoever it is that runs the Lions Twitter account reminded us all that more often than not, our team has to face more than just the opposing team.

Are the Lions a better football team than the Atlanta Falcons? Probably not yet. But that does not mean they did not deserve to win a football game they had in their grasps on Sunday afternoon.

The big question now will be whether or not the Lions can put this game behind them immediately because they have a big divisional game next Sunday at Minnesota against the Vikings.

Both the Lions and Vikings have a 2-1 record after the first three weeks of the 2017 NFL season.


WHAT?!? Controversial replay call costs Detroit Lions a win [VIDEO]


  1. Why no interferance call on yhe play before that was an obviouse take down by the defensivebackthe refs are baught and paid for have been for years !

    • especially if that contact before the catch is the contact they say caused the tackle after he caught it. he looked pretty untouched from the catch til crossing the line.

  2. While I have to agree with the no TD call (Tate’s knee was down before the ball crossed the plane) I have to ask WTF is the 10 second run off? NFL rules are more confusing than the rules of golf.

  3. Alot of no calls for ATL. Alot of BS call on DET. Maybee if the refs are held accountable they’d get it right you blow a call should be suspended especially if it’s going to effect the outcome. Then he should be investigated. C’mon batted ball & no call offensive facmask vs Seattle, phantom facemask vs Green bay, no call pass interference in Dallas, not to mention the Calvin catch (rule) Chicago, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73cfbff0a65ce7cbe5b5f15a51f9b368195d338e909dd70b0a160e4a5eca29ed.jpg

    • I like how the one in the top left doesn’t show the shot with his knee down a couple a frames before this. Nice editing.

  4. There’s either two ways to make this call. Either he was *not* down by contact at the 0:08 second mark, or he was down by contact at the 0:11 second mark. Either way they should’ve been able to clock one more play.

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