LOOK: Golden Tate subtly trolls NFL after Cowboys touchdown is allowed

On Sunday, with just seconds remaining in the game, Golden Tate caught a pass from Matthew Stafford and dove into the end zone to give the Detroit Lions a 32-20 lead over the Atlanta Falcons.

Until he didn’t.

The play was reviewed and the touchdown was taken off the board. Then, to completely make things worse, a 10-second runoff was enforced, ending the game with the Falcons winning 30-26.


For the most part, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell and his players have been doing their best to say “the right things” and to look forward to their next game, rather than looking back at something they cannot control.

One player who is clearly not over Sunday’s controversial call is none other than Golden Tate.

Ironically, during Monday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant also scored what would turn out to be a controversial touchdown. As you can see below, Bryant does his best to make his way into the end zone and though it is never really clear that the ball crosses the plane, he is awarded a touchdown.

After the play was reviewed, it was determined that there was not conclusive evidence to overturn the call and Bryant’s touchdown stood, giving the Cowboys the lead.

Of course, the internet junkies went to work immediately and came up with what “looks” to be a conclusive photo showing that Bryant DID NOT get into the end zone.

Following the call, Tate hopped on Twitter and trolled the NFL without even having to mention them by name.

Apparently, if a call is inconclusive, the Cowboys get the benefit of the doubt while the Lions, on the other hand, get treated like the Lions.

Earlier, in the night, Tate sent out a message showing us that even though the Lions may be preparing for the Minnesota Vikings, Sunday’s controversial call is still on his mind.

H/T to our pals over at Pride of Detroit for hopping on this first!


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