Matthew Stafford lures in haters, proceeds to shut them up with 4 TD passes


Roughly two weeks ago, news broke that Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions had agreed to a $135 million deal, making him the highest paid player in NFL history.

Despite being late at night, news of the deal spread quickly on social media and it must have woke up the trolls because the Stafford haters were out and ready to argue with just about anyone. They had well thought out points, such as, “Stafford barely has any wins on the road against teams with a winning record,” and “How can the highest player in the NFL be a guy who cannot win a playoff game!?!” Oh, I almost forgot a couple. What about “The highest paid player in the league should be the best player” and “Stafford is not even the best player on his own team, it’s Jake Rudock” arguments. If you happened to surf through Twitter in the hours and days following the announcement, you can probably remind me of countless other comments that made zero sense and made you shake your head.

Come here, haters! Come to Papa Stafford.

On Sunday, Stafford had his first opportunity to prove to his haters that he is worth every single penny of the $135 million. But, to the utter jubilation of the trolls, he threw a pick-6 on his very first pass attempt as the highest paid player in the league.

As you can imagine, Twitter absolutely BLEW UP with comments trashing Stafford and the Lions for making the deal with such a crappy quarterback.

To be honest, I could post a thousand tweets similar to the ones you just read, but you get the point.

Heck, some morons even took the time to write an article about one freaking pass!

Now, let’s get something clear. Matthew Stafford was not very good out of the gates, nor was the rest of the Lions offense. Maybe it was early season jitters, maybe it was about the defense being ahead of the offense in Week 1, but regardless, it was not pretty. Hell, it was ugly! No excuses.

$tafford shuts up his haters

Despite falling behind 17-9 in the third quarter, those who have actually watched the Detroit Lions since Matthew Stafford has been their quarterback knew it was FAR from over. In fact, although the Lions had been able to do very little on offense, it seemed like just a matter of time before Stafford was going to catch fire and light up the Cardinals.

As we know now, that’s exactly what happened as the Lions outscored the Cardinals 20-6 in the fourth quarter on their way to a 35-23 win at Ford Field. Stafford did catch fire and there was absolutely nothing a VERY good Arizona team could do to slow him down.

In the game, Stafford went 29/41 for 292 yards and four touchdowns to go along with the interception that came on the first play of the game. The four touchdowns just so happen to be as many as Tom Brady (0), Aaron Rodgers (1), Matt Ryan (1), Russell Wilson (0), and Derek Carr (2) had combined.

All in all, Stafford was very good, not only when he was not pressured, but also when the Cardinals managed to get in his face.

I get it, some people are extremely stubborn and the Stafford haters will always be waiting in the weeds to say something ignorant when he makes even the slightest mistake.

But guess what, trolls? True Lions fans don’t care about what you think and Matthew Stafford sure as hell does not care about what you vomit out on your keyboards. In fact, it would not surprise me one bit if he actually fed off of your stupidity.

So, that being said, keep the hate coming and Stafford will just keep on doing his job and doing it well.