WATCH: Stephen A. Smith apologizes to Detroit Lions for ignorant comment


If you have followed ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith throughout his career, you know that he loves to argue just about anything and he rarely apologizes to anyone.

Well, apparently Smith is turning over a new leaf following a tweet he sent out taking a shot at the Detroit Lions for making Matthew Stafford the highest paid player in NFL history. The tweet was sent moments after Stafford’s first pass of the 2017 season was intercepted by the Arizona Cardinals and returned for a touchdown.

In case you missed it, here is the tweet:

As we know, Stafford went on to throw four touchdown passes as the Lions came from behind to defeat the Cardinals 35-23.

At the conclusion of the game, who ever happens to run the Detroit Lions Twitter account fired back at Smith, pointing out that Stafford had a pretty darn good game.

The response by the Lions spread like wildfire (Click here to read the whole story) and apparently it reached Stephen A. Smith himself.

But rather than just ignoring the whole thing, or doubling down on his comment like he often does, Smith did something he rarely does. He apologized to the Detroit Lions on live television.

Don’t believe me? Here is the clip.

Ever since becoming the highest paid player in league history, Stafford has become even more of a lightning rod than he already was. The haters love to point to HIS record against winning teams on the road or HIS lack of playoff victories rather than acknowledging that football is the ultimate team sport and it takes more than a good quarterback to get the job done.

But Matthew Stafford just continues to go about his business and works every day to perfect his craft. The haters will always hate, but to be honest, it seems like it motivates him.

Matthew Stafford lures in haters, proceeds to shut them up with 4 TD passes