In a moment of praise during the Monday presser, Jim Caldwell talked about the potential of a Hall of Fame career from Matthew Stafford, contrasting him with Peyton Manning.

“There are some times where it is a little bit chaotic, but I think if you work at it and you prepare enough, you at least give yourself a chance. I just think we’ve given ourselves a chance,” Caldwell said. “You’re also talking about two quarterbacks that are really, really good in the clutch. One who will be certainly donning a Hall of Fame jacket, and another one who’s well on his way. I mean, those guys are very, very unusual cats.”

Caldwell, who does not like to be nailed down to any comment,  immediately backtracked –

I said, ‘well on his way.’ I didn’t finish it off. I’m just talking about he’s on his way to really having a prolific career. There’s no question. We’ll see what happens down the road, but just look at his numbers, look at what he’s doing. He’s, like I said, well on his way. And what the end of that is, that’s up to him,” Caldwell said.

Stafford is having a career year, passing Marino’s record for most passing yards by a quarterback over their first 100 games, he is tied for the most 4th quarter comebacks  (7) in a season set by Eli Manning in 2011 and Peyton Manning in 2009.

Stafford already holds every major franchise passing record, including all-time yards, and has a couple notable NFL marks as well, including fastest quarterback ever to 20,000 yards.