“Deflategate” – NFL to investigate Patriots after Sunday night game


Update: The NFL has confirmed the investigation.

Well this is certainly interesting, Bob Kravitz WTHR.com columnist is reporting that the league is looking into the possibility that the New England Patriots deflated balls before the AFC Championship game Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts. We will update once more information is known.

For those who are unaware as to why this is an issue – A deflated football is easier to catch and throw.

Therefore, given that football play-calling comes down to passing (where the quarterback throws to a receiver) and running (where the QB hands the ball off to his running back or carries it forward himself), the team that excels at passing, will have an advantage.

It goes without saying that deflated balls or not, the Colts were manhandled and nothing was going to change that.

Credit to Peter King for the Deflategate – Perfect name.