WHOA! Detroit Lions player likes ‘Fire Caldwell’ tweet

Was this a cryptic message, or simply another example of an athlete who doesn’t know how Twitter works?

Either way, Detroit Lions corner Quandre Diggs is apparently joining the ranks of those who want Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell to be dismissed from duty. He recently tweeted a not-so-subtle reaction to the still hypothetical scenario of Caldwell being fired, and the administrator of the Twitter page was sure to let everyone know about it.

Oh boy. So was Diggs being sneaky, or just plain careless?

Regardless of how the players feel, Caldwell is certainly feeling the heat from pundits and fans alike. Detroit’s 6-6 record following Sunday’s loss to Baltimore has severely hurt their chances at a playoff appearance, and Caldwell is the one taking the brunt of the blame.

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A mistake of epic proportions during Sunday’s loss – sending nine men on the field during a crucial third and seven conversion – was the last straw for many, includingย opinionated radio host Mike Valentiย during a fiery opening monologue to his Monday show.

This year was the opportunity the Lions had to finally take charge and win their division, especially with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sidelined with a long-term injury. But as the Lions have sunk in the standings and seen their playoff chances slip away, a chance in leadership has been pined for by the fans – and apparently, at least one Lions player (that we know about).

We’ll be on the lookout for any other not-so-subtle signs of a players mutiny.