Detroit Lions tight end, Eric Ebron, wears a different pair of custom cleats every week while trying to remain within NFL rules. The different cleats are nothing new, but this week’s pair are a little more special to Ebron than most.

Ebron’s grandfather, Oling Jackson, served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war before passing away in 2003 after suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

“Did it for my grandfather,” Ebron said. “I was really close to my grandfather. I think I was his favorite of all his grandkids, and that’s because I was always the same way I am now, this personality pretty much. That was my guy, man, and I never got to say goodbye. As he was passing away, my mom didn’t let me and my brothers [visit], because she didn’t want us to witness that type of thing when we were so young, especially me.”

In addition to his grandfather, Ebron is also honoring his father, Eric Ebron Sr., who also served in the Marine Corps.

While he doesn’t plan on getting fined for his footwear, Ebron isn’t concerned with possible ramifications.

“If I do, I do. But they’re black and they’re supporting a cause for military appreciation. If he wants to fine me, be my guest, I got it.”

Here’s to hoping the NFL sees it the same way.