Dear Detroit Lions: It’s time to prove the doubters wrong, for once and for all


Dear Detroit Lions,

It’s us, your fans. We’re still here. We’ve been through some tough times with you guys, eh? Barry and Calvin left us while they still had plenty left to offer, but we stuck around. We watched you guys lose literally every single game you played in 2008, but we stuck around. You haven’t won a playoff game since 1991, which some us of weren’t even around for, but we’ve all stuck around. When you guys last made the playoffs in 2014, there was such pride and jubilation in Detroit. It was incredible. But, when you faced off with the Dallas Cowboys, you lost. It ripped our hearts out, to finally feel like we had a chance to make some noise in the playoffs only to see the season come to such an abrupt end. But, we’re still here.

Tonight, you have a chance to right some of the wrongs. To show us that you aren’t the “Same Old Lions” that we constantly have to hear about after every single loss. All we’re asking you to do is beat the Green Bay Packers this evening at Ford Field, and secure that division championship. An NFC North Championship wouldn’t completely rectify the situation, but it would be a great step in that direction. We want more than just a spot in the playoffs though. We want to actually make a run at this thing. Dare we even say it, but is it asking too much to make a run at the Super Bowl? We all know that Matthew Stafford isn’t going to be this good forever, and some day, we also know that he will not be playing anymore. It’d be an absolute travesty if there wasn’t at least one deep playoff run in his career.

There are legions of doubters who don’t believe that it can happen. But, as Lions fans, we consistently believe that it’s possible. We’ll all be watching tonight. It’s time to prove the doubters wrong, for once and for all.


Lions Nation