Detroit Lions now hold a top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

After the Rams lost, the Detroit Lions moved up in the 2023 NFL Draft.

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for a trio of draft picks, including two first-round picks, most believed those two first-round picks would be toward the end of the round. That was the case in the 2022 NFL Draft after Stafford and the Rams won the Super Bowl. But that was then and this is now, and the Rams are struggling to win football games. As they continue to lose, their first-round pick, which belongs to the Lions, continues to go higher and higher.

2023 NFL Draft Detroit Lions

What 2023 NFL Draft pick do the Detroit Lions currently hold?

On Sunday, the Rams, who were without Stafford (neck), were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs, dropping their overall record to 3-8 on the season. The Rams have now lost five games in a row and their current first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, which belongs to the Lions, is at No. 3.

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In addition, the Lions, who have won three of their last four games, also hold the No. 12 overall pick.

Here is the current 2023 NFL Draft order (prior to Sunday Night and Monday Night Football) (Via Tankathon)

1 Houston1-9-1.136.527Lost 6
2 Chicago3-9.2501.0.572Lost 5
3 LA Rams  DET 3-8.2731.5.490Lost 5
4 Denver  SEA 3-8.2731.5.492Lost 3
5 Pittsburgh3-7.3002.0.532Lost 1
6 Carolina4-8.3332.0.435Won 1
7 New Orleans  PHI 4-8.3332.0.479Lost 1
8 Arizona4-8.3332.0.508Lost 2
9 Las Vegas4-7.3642.5.457Won 2
10 Cleveland  HOU 4-7.3642.5.505Won 1
11 Jacksonville4-7.3642.5.519Won 1
12 Detroit4-7.3642.5.558Lost 1
13 Green Bay4-7.3642.5.566Lost 1
14 Indianapolis4-6-1.4093.0.516Lost 1
15 Atlanta5-7.4173.0.430Lost 1
16 Seattle6-5.5454.5.448Lost 2
17 LA Chargers6-5.5454.5.455Won 1
18 New England6-5.5454.5.529Lost 1
19 Tampa Bay5-6.4553.5.456Lost 1
20 Washington7-5.5835.0.540Won 3
21 Baltimore7-4.6365.5.473Lost 1
22 NY Jets7-4.6365.5.524Won 1
23 Cincinnati7-4.6365.5.527Won 3
24 NY Giants7-4.6365.5.540Lost 2
25 San Francisco  DEN 7-4.6365.5.433Won 4
26 Tennessee7-4.6365.5.492Lost 1
27 Dallas8-3.7276.5.521Won 2
28 Buffalo8-3.7276.5.545Won 2
29 Miami  Forfeited8-3.7276.5.521Won 5
30 Minnesota9-2.8187.5.495Won 1
31 Kansas City9-2.8187.5.441Won 5
32 Philadelphia9-1.9008.0.482Won 1
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