Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson named as Top 5 Offensive Play Caller in NFL

It should not be surprising to Detroit Lions fans to hear this about Ben Johnson.

The Detroit Lions had one of the best offenses in the NFL in 2022, and a big reason why is offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson. Johnson has been called a ‘genius' when it comes to offense, and now, Michael Lombardi has labeled him as one of the Top 5 offensive play callers in the National Football League.

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Lions OC Ben Johnson Named as Top 5 Offensive Play Caller in NFL

Former NFL GM Michael Lombardi recently revealed his Top 5 Offensive Play Callers heading into the 2023 season, and Johnson came in at No. 5 on the list. Lombardi specifically emphasized Johnson's ability to make the right calls in the fourth quarter, when the game is on the line. Here is the full video of Lombardi revealing his Top 5 Offensive Play Callers.

Lombardi's Top 5 Offensive Play Callers

Here is how Lombardi ranks his Top 5:

  • 1. Andy Reid (Chiefs)
  • 2. Kyle Shanahan (49ers)
  • 3. Josh McDaniels (Raiders)
  • 4. Sean McVay (Rams)
  • 5. Ben Johnson (Lions)

Key Points

  • The Lions had a top 5 offense in 2022 under Ben Johnson
  • Michael Lombardi has revealed his Top 5 offensive play callers
  • Johnson comes in at No. 5 on Lombardi's list
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Bottom Line: The Offense Will Lead The Way in 2023

Though the Lions' defense should be improved in 2023, there is no question about it that the offense will once again need to lead the way. Johnson has himself some new toys on the offensive side of the ball, including Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam LaPorta, and you can bet he will be adding some new wrinkles to his offensive playbook this coming season.