Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson places blame for offensive debacle vs. Ravens

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson places blame for offensive debacle vs. Ravens.

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson places blame for offensive debacle vs. Ravens

In their upcoming Monday Night Football showdown against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Detroit Lions have a singular objective – to rebound from their distressing Week 7 defeat against the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. Last week's clash against the Ravens marked the second-worst loss of the Dan Campbell era for the Lions. Offensively, it was a forgettable performance, as they managed only 337 yards, their season-low. On Friday, Lions OC Ben Johnson placed blame on himself for the offensive performance.

Ben Johnson places blame

Ben Johnson Shoulders the Blame

Johnson candidly expressed his responsibility for the team's anemic offensive output:

“We all look in the mirror,” Johnson said. “Clearly, I wish I had different plays in the opening script, ones that would’ve worked a little bit better. But, that’s about it. I felt good going into the game with the plan we had. We had to deviate from that plan pretty early based on the situation, probably shouldn't have. Felt like we had a good one. Should’ve just stuck to our guns in how we wanted to call the game. But, a lot of good lessons to be learned from that game. I think we’re going to be a better crew for it.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions aim to bounce back from their devastating loss to the Baltimore Ravens.
  2. Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson takes responsibility for the lackluster offensive performance.
  3. The Lions had an impressive 14-game streak of scoring 20 or more points before their recent struggles.
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Bottom Line – Lions Looking Forward

As the Detroit Lions reflect on their recent offensive struggles, they understand that such experiences can serve as valuable lessons. Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson's willingness to shoulder responsibility shows accountability within the team. It's a challenging season, but the lessons learned will contribute to the team's growth and development. With a track record of scoring success, the Lions remain a competitive force, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.