Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson reveals how he is different in 2023

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson recently spoke to the media and he explained how is different now than he was just one year ago.

Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson of the Detroit Lions is making significant changes to his coaching style and offensive strategy for the upcoming 2023 season. After spending a year working closely with the coaching staff and players, Johnson has gained a higher level of trust in his team's ability to execute his vision. In an interview prior to practice this week, Johnson expressed his shift away from micromanagement and the increased focus on individual meetings. This change reflects the growing comfort and cohesion within the Lions' coaching staff.

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Key Points

  • Johnson is making changes to his coaching style and offensive strategy for the 2023 season.
  • He no longer feels the need to micromanage the offensive operations.
  • With increased trust in his coaching staff, Johnson is focusing more on individual meetings.
  • Johnson's decision to remain with the Lions for another season reflects his comfort level with the coaching staff.
  • Delegating responsibilities to position coaches allows for more effective communication with the players.

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson reveals how he is different in 2023

Johnson acknowledges that in his first year, he tended to micromanage the offensive operations to ensure everyone understood the team's vision. However, with the team now having spent a year together and a few new coaches joining, Johnson has developed more trust in their understanding of the offensive system. This increased trust has led to a shift in approach, with more emphasis on individual meetings rather than group offensive meetings.

“If there is one thing I’d say from me a year ago, I micro-manage maybe a little too much, just for the sake of making sure that we were all on the same page of what the vision was,” Johnson told reporters prior to practice this week. “And now that we have been together for a year, and we do have a couple new coaches, I have a lot more trust in these — they already know. They know the language. They know the vernacular, so there have been more individual meetings as opposed to offensive meetings, because these guys know what the expectation is, and they are running with it.” 

“I have a huge comfort level with the coaching staff around me. So, that has probably been the biggest change from year one and year two, just in terms of the second-floor operation.”

Bottom Line – Ben Johnson's Strategic Shuffle

As the Detroit Lions' offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson is entering the 2023 season with a new mindset and strategy. By letting go of micromanagement and empowering his coaching staff, Johnson aims to create a more efficient and collaborative environment. The shift toward individual meetings emphasizes trust, expertise, and personalized instruction. With Johnson's evolving approach, the Lions' offense has the potential to flourish in the upcoming season, capitalizing on the strengths and insights of the entire coaching staff.