Detroit Lions pass rush win rate, worst in NFL in 2019, is even worse in 2020

The Detroit Lions missed the playoffs in 2019, amassing a 3-12-1 record in head coach Matt Patricia‘s second year on the job. One alarming stat that helped lead to their demise was their woeful pass rush win rate, which was ranked dead last in the NFL at a mere 24%.

For those of you unfamiliar with this stat, let ESPN break it down for you:

And as bad as that was, it’s worse this season through the first two games; albeit a small sample size, but nonetheless alarming.

So far in 2020, Detroit’s pass rush win rate is a mere 19%. For context, the next worst rated team is the Cincinnati Bengals at 30%.

THat’s an 11% margin – oof.

Lions fans, is there any chance of this team turning around their fortunes this season?