Detroit Lions players and coaches rave about Aidan Hutchinson

With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions selected EDGE Aidan Hutchinson out of the University of Michigan.

When you take a player with the No. 2 overall pick, the hope is that he comes in and makes an immediate impact and that is exactly what the Lions count on happening with Hutchinson.

But, as we know, every year there are players who are drafted high that end up being a bust. It does not sound like that is going to happen with Hutchinson.

Detroit Lions players and coaches rave about Aidan Hutchinson

In fact, Aidan Hutchinson is already making quite the first impression on his teammates and coaches.

One of those teammates is DL John Cominsky, who recently spoke to the media about Hutchinson.

“I’m always impressed by someone who works hard,”Cominsky said. “Like talent, obviously you worked hard to get your talent and some guys are born with it and he has great technique. Point of attack, he’s throwing the move he’s supposed to.

“But the most impressive thing is like, in the meeting rooms and out here on the field, he’s running after the ball and doing the little things. He’s not out here too proud to run after the ball or too proud to pay attention in the meeting room. But he’s remained humble and I just think it’s cool to just be able to watch that and watch him run after the ball. He’s getting all kind of reps out here. Like he probably gets more reps than anybody out here and to see him run after the ball play after play, that’s most impressive to me.”

Veteran Michael Brockers told reporters that Hutchinson is “beyond his years” already.

“He is (beyond his years),” said Brockers, the Lions’ most veteran defensive lineman entering his 11th NFL season. “It’s not just his size and his physique, it’s his mentality, too. He’s taking a lot in, he’s a sponge. He’s ready to learn. He’s a yes sir, no sir kind of guy, which you love. He doesn’t have any attached egos to him. He’s coming in ready to work and that’s what you love to see as a rookie.”

But it is not just his teammates that Hutchinson is impressing. early on. Lions head coach Dan Campbell is also impressed with how the rookie is going about his business and earning respect rather than expecting it.

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“He’s not coming in here being loud and talking a bunch of trash or doing anything like that,” Campbell said. “He knows he’s got to earn his right. Just cause he was a first-round pick doesn’t mean that he’s automatically got the respect of everybody in there. He’s got to earn that, and he understands it. So he goes out there and he just works his ass off in practice, and then in meetings he keeps his mouth shut until he’s asked a question, and so that’s exactly what you want in a rookie, he’s going to earn their respect.”

“There’s some times where he will do his own thing, but most good players do,” Glenn said. “And they make plays and they do that. The thing that he has to make sure he manages is, man, this is the NFL so they’re going to watch you, they’re going to look at you on tape and see when you try to go out there and make those plays and do things outside of the defense, and we just got to reel him back in. But that’s OK. We’re going to make sure he’s going to be good.”

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