Detroit Lions players, head coach Matt Patricia participate in Belle Isle march

A peaceful protest was held in Belle Isle, Michigan this afternoon and was organized by former Detroit Lions player Joique Bell.

Among those who participated included head coach Matt Patricia, kick returner Jamal Agnew and linebacker Christian Jones.

“Listening to some thoughts and ideas, I think that’s when you gotta make sure you follow through,” Patricia said. “You gotta try. And they’re not all gonna work. But if a couple of them work, and you make change, you connect. . . . We gotta try, and we gotta stick with it and we gotta persevere through that. And we talk a lot about leadership and the team driving that leadership. And I think that’s important for us to make sure that it’s an everyday thing.”

Bell was joined by former Detroit mayoral candidate Ken Snapp in organizing the event.

“It isn’t just a march just to say we did it,” Bell explained. “It’s to march and then to start a dialogue and to bridge that gap with the civilians who are Detroit citizens and also with the local police and the state police, and ultimately kind of be the staple of this is how you should go about creating a change.”

According to Agnew, simply treating everyone equally will lead to positive changes in society.

“If we show more love to everybody and treat everybody equally, I think that’s what’s gonna spring forward change,” he said.

– – Quotes via Josh Alper of PFT, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press Link Link – –