Detroit Lions Players Reveal Which NFL Games They’re Eager to Play In 2024

Watch as some Detroit Lions reveal who they are excited to play

Following the unveiling of the 2024 NFL schedule on Wednesday night, the Detroit Lions took an interesting approach to gauge the excitement among their squad: they asked players to choose the game they are most looking forward to this season. The players’ choices, revealed in a team-produced video, reflect a mix of personal rivalry, a desire for redemption, and even humorous takes on upcoming contests.

Detroit Lions

Highlighted Matchups

The responses from the Lions players varied, each highlighting different aspects of what makes certain games more significant than others:

  • Terrion Arnold’s Personal Duel: Cornerback Terrion Arnold is particularly eager for the Lions’ face-off against the Minnesota Vikings. His anticipation for the game stems from a personal connection – he will be competing against his former Alabama teammate Dallas Turner, making it a special reunion on the professional field.
  • Seeking Redemption Against the Cowboys: Many Lions players have marked the game against the Dallas Cowboys as a must-win. This choice is hardly surprising given the controversial officiating in last year’s matchup, which left a bitter taste and a strong desire among the team to set the record straight.
  • Revisiting the NFC Championship Loss: Another popular choice among the players was the rematch with the San Francisco 49ers. Last season’s NFC Championship game saw the Lions suffer a heartbreaking loss, and the upcoming game is viewed as a chance for vindication and to prove their mettle against a formidable opponent.

A Lighthearted Moment with Kerby Joseph

Adding a lighter note to the anticipation, safety Kerby Joseph’s response brought humor to the discussion. When asked about his most anticipated game, Joseph held up a sign for the Los Angeles Rams and simply laughed. This was a nod to a past incident where Rams QB Matthew Stafford labeled him a “dirty player” following a contentious hit. Joseph’s reaction in the video highlights the camaraderie and light-heartedness that exists within the team despite the competitive nature of their profession.

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Jahmyr Gibbs’ All-Encompassing Approach

Running back Jahmyr Gibbs took a more encompassing approach by choosing every single opponent on the Lions’ 2024 schedule. His response underscores the professional mindset of taking every game seriously, recognizing that each week presents a new challenge and an opportunity to excel.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Personal and Team Motivations Highlighted: Detroit Lions players shared their personal motivations for selecting their most anticipated games of the 2024 NFL season, ranging from rivalries and revenge to playing in front of family and friends.
  2. Specific Games Stand Out: Players specifically mentioned looking forward to playing against the Minnesota Vikings for personal connections, the Dallas Cowboys due to past officiating issues, and the San Francisco 49ers as a chance for redemption after last year’s NFC Championship loss.
  3. Humorous and Broad Responses: Safety Kerby Joseph humorously highlighted his anticipation for the game against the Los Angeles Rams, referencing past tensions with Rams QB Matthew Stafford, while Jahmyr Gibbs chose all the opponents on the schedule, emphasizing the importance of every game.
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Bottom Line: Anticipation Builds for the Season

As the 2024 NFL season approaches, the Detroit Lions are not just preparing physically but are also mentally gearing up for key matchups that hold special significance. Whether it’s for personal pride, redemption, or sheer competitive spirit, each game brings its own story and excitement. The Lions’ players are clearly ready to tackle their schedule head-on, with each game marked as another step toward their ultimate goal.

Watch the Video

For fans and followers, the full video featuring the Lions players’ picks can be viewed on the Detroit Lions’ official media channels, providing a fun and engaging glimpse into the team’s dynamics and their collective spirit as they gear up for what promises to be an exhilarating season.

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