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Detroit Lions Position Battle: Wide Receiver

Most of the news surrounding the Detroit Lions this off-season has been about their star DT Ndamukong Suh’s contract, or about how well the Lions’ secondary will adjust to their new defensive scheme. But a position battle at wide receiver is taking place, and it is one that could be very important for the Detroit Lions. Ryan Broyles, the Detroit Lions’ 2nd round draft pick in 2012, is starting to look like the receiver that Detroit thought he could be from the beginning. Broyles career has been lagged by injuries, and the youngster is just now starting to come into form.

Kris Durham was thought to be the Lions 3rd wide receiver on the depth chart, but Broyles said not so fast. He turned up his work ethic,but is surprising almost no one as he is excelling through the offensive OTA’s. At this point in spring training, Ryan Broyles may be earning the Detroit Lions 3rd wide receiver role.

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  1. Broyles is injury prone, Yes he has talent, And that’s all he have, Durham is slow but he is a football player, Its going to be interesting:-)

  2. Broyles is on his last chance with all these injuries, if he can’t beat Durham in my opinion he doesn’t deserve spot period and was a wasted selection. Production is everything in today’s league of what have you done for me lately…

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