Detroit Lions Predicted to Cut Germain Ifedi

Detroit Lions Predicted to Cut Germain Ifedi: More proof that there is no such thing as a lock in the 1st Round.

Detroit Lions Predicted to Cut Germain Ifedi

The winds of change seem to be blowing at the Detroit Lions training camp, with the team possibly moving away from the talent they acquired just months ago. After strengthening their offensive line by signing the former first-round lineman Germain Ifedi back in May, one writer believes the Lions reconsider their roster choice. Colton Pouncy of The Athletic suggests in his most recent 53-man roster prediction article that Ifedi's position on the team is shaky, hinting he might not be among the nine linemen the Detroit Lions plan on retaining for the season.

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What Colton Pouncy Said About the Lions Offensive Line

Here is what Colton Pouncy has to say about which offensive lineman will make the Detroit Lions initial 53-man roster.

The first seven names listed should make the team. Obviously, Decker, Sewell, Jackson and Ragnow are making the team. Vaitai and Glasgow are, too, and will battle for the starting right guard job. Meanwhile, Sorsdal has been one of the better reserves and the Lions have incentive to keep him as a 2023 fifth-round draft pick. The final two spots are where it gets dicey.

Nelson has made the 53-man roster in recent years, but it has been a struggle this time around. The Lions use him in their jumbo package and like him in that role, but when they’ve trotted him out as a left tackle, he’s gotten worked by both Detroit’s defensive line and the Giants’. Still, he gets the nod over Ifedi and Eze for now. The last spot will likely be another interior presence. Since Awosika has game experience, he makes sense.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions signed former first-round lineman, Germain Ifedi, earlier this year.
  2. Current predictions suggest Ifedi might not secure his spot among the season's nine offensive linemen.
  3. Matt Nelson might be the preferred choice for the Lions over Ifedi, despite recent shaky performances.

Bottom Line – A Lion's Decision

In my most recent Detroit Lions 53-man roster prediction article, I also have Ifedi coming up short. With that being said, he is certainly on the bubble, he still has time to prove himself worthy of making the team out of training camp.