Detroit Lions Prepare for Most Important Preseason Game

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The Detroit Lions are about to play their 3rd preseason game, and it is going to be the last big show from the Detroit Lions first team offense and defense. Players like Reggie Bush and Matthew Stafford are going to have to show that they can put together a few consistent drives in a row. Oh yeah, and it will be the first appearance of Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, in 2014.

The Lions first team offense has impressed pretty much everyone that has watched them play, and they will have to do more of the same against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In order to prove that they are one of the better offenses in the NFL, Matthew Stafford and company will need to put together a few solid drives. The offense needs to show that they can play consistently at a high level.

The Detroit Lions offense cannot afford any more turnovers in 2014. They have been the Achilles heel of the Lions often, in the past. The Lions must prove that they can hold onto the football, and give the defense some time resting on the sidelines. Turnovers do not only kill drives, but they make the next drive for the opposing team even easier.

NFL Network rated the Lions’ offensive line as the second best in the NFL, and they are going to have to play to their fullest to prevent miscues. Matthew Stafford can be a very accurate passer, when he has ample time in the pocket. Reggie Bush can be explosive if given big enough lanes to run through. The offensive line of the Lions has to work like a well oiled machine, if the Lions want to protect the football.

Darius Slay has played very good, so far in the preseason. If the Lions are going to be competitors in the NFC North, then he is going to need to elevate his level of play. The next preseason game against Jacksonville will be a very good time for Darius Slay to show Lions’ fans that he is ready to be a ball hawk. If Darius Slay does fail to impress against the Jaguars mediocre passing attack, then he will be questioned even further as the season begins.

The safeties on the Detroit Lions defense are both veterans, and they both bring a lot of knowledge to the young Detroit secondary. James Ihedigbo and Glover Quin cannot make the Lions defense better by being positive role models to young players. These vets are going to have to make plays during a long season, and they need to stay healthy doing so.

Ihedigbo is already looking like a great addition to the Lions’ defense. He make a heads up play against Oakland, and intercepted a tipped ball. The Detroit Lions need to be able to count on Ihedigbo for more of the same during their biggest games. He seems to always use his head on the field, and his instincts have him in great positions.

Nick Fairley has been struggling all throughout training camps and the preseason. Just when all reports on Nick Fairley coming out of Detroit sounded positive, his health becomes a factor yet again. It seems like Fairley is having trouble controlling his weight and conditioning, and he was demoted to the second team defensive line as a result.

Even Ndamukong Suh thinks Nick Fairley has more talent than he does, and that is really saying something. Nick Fairley wants to stay in Detroit long term, and all of the commotion regarding his weight does not help his image at all. Fairley did not really impress anyone coming off of the bench in Oakland, and that has to change real fast. If Nick Fairley wants to earn back his spot on the first team defensive line, it needs to start with a few big plays against Jacksonville.

The Lions are said to be giving Georgio Tavecchio a bigger role heading into their third preseason contest against Jacksonville. Nate Freese missed an extra point, and that opened up the door for Tavecchio to make a statement. Freese has been the frontrunner to win the Lions’ kicker position, but if Georgio Tavecchio does not miss any kicks then he may win the job. Nate Freese tried to make up for his missed extra point with a 55-yard field goal, but for now Tavecchio will have a chance to take the kicker spot.

A plethora of cuts are about to go down within every NFL organization. The teams’ rosters are going to be cut from about 90 players to the 53-man roster that they will compete with weekly. The Lions are about to say goodbye to a lot of faces, and a few of them are going to be a big surprise. However, with the big cuts about to take place, the NFL football season is nearly upon us.

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