Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff included on list of NFL players who could be traded

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Jared Goff Detroit Lions

Has there ever been a crazier offseason in the history of the NFL when it comes to offseason trades?

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The answer is no.

Well, according to CBS Sports writer Cody Benjamin, it could get even crazier before all is said and done.

The Detroit Lions pick may show how they feel about Jared Goff

Benjamin recently released a list of players who could still be traded before the start of the 2022 regular season and one player mentioned is Detroit Lions QB, Jared Goff.

Here is what Benjamin has to say about Goff.

Somehow, Goff has escaped much speculation as a potential offseason casualty, probably more because of his contract than the fact he was so-so for a bad Lions team in 2021. It’s very possible, even if Detroit drafts a new QB, he’ll stick as the placeholder. But the Lions could save anywhere from $16 million to $26 million by dealing him prior to the start of the season. Those kinds of savings might be worth it even if Baker Mayfield is the immediate successor.

In my opinion, I really do not see how there is any chance the Lions would trade Goff.

Nation what do you think?

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