Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Regarded Highly Among Peers

The Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford is under a lot of pressure to succeed this season. Although a lot of NFL peers still have confidence in Stafford, the general consensus with fans is that 2014 is “put up, or shut up” time for the 6th year QB. He has shown flashes of greatness, in the past, and more than likely he is not done showing them yet. A lot of things went wrong for Stafford toward the end of the 2013 season, but he continued to show leadership. With the help of Joe Lombardi and Jim Caldwell, Matthew Stafford is ready to silence the speculation.



The consensus among NFL head coaches, general managers, personnel evaluators and the like is simple: They’re not giving up on Matthew Stafford quite yet.

The Detroit Lions quarterback has taken heat the past two years after two consecutive disappointing seasons, leading to the firing of head coach Jim Schwartz and fans questioning Stafford’s ability to adjust his mechanics and lead the team back to the postseason.




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If Matthew Stafford can reproduce his numbers from 2011, and march the Detroit Lions back into playoff contention, there is no reason he isn’t a legitimate Comeback Player of the Year award contender. Stafford has all of the tools he needs to make a dangerous offense. There is no reason that Matthew Stafford and the 2014 Detroit Lions can’t bring an NFC North title back to Detroit for the first time since 1993.



45 thoughts on “Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Regarded Highly Among Peers”

  1. The team as a whole has no heart , always finds ways to loose in the 4 th quarter. Get rid of SUH

  2. Matt Stafford. The human drive killer.. He needs to quit having 4th Quarter debacles .. Ebron and Tate additions..No excuses now.

  3. Stafford is gonna have a beast of a year. With that offense even the guy from Napoleon dynamite would make the pro bowl. No excuses

  4. Party boy is overrated. I would love it if he proved me wrong. But I will not hold my breath. Nor watch the Lions if I have anything better to do. They’ve disappointed me one too many times.

  5. He’s running out of “this year will be a breakout for him”. Another bad season and might be time to look elsewhere for a QB.

  6. Wow! Who wrote this article?? This has got to be one of the most poorly written articles i have ever seen. Seriously.

  7. And how many passes does he complete to a receiver in stride? Almost zero. Imagine how many td’s he would have if he could do that %10 percent of the time? A ton more.

  8. How many drops do those receivers have in stride..close if not the eague lead in drops

  9. Solid QB. Best Lions have had in a long time. Caldwell is good QB mentor and with new options and weapons and new offense we should be just fine. We will move the ball.

  10. U may be able to move the ball but won’t be able to stop the other team. What just won the last super bowl DEFENSE.

  11. True Paul. Hopefully D improves over last year. We shall see. Another year coming and excited. But, after years of let downs, well you know. Hopeful.

  12. And what is Stafford stats interceptions vs tds and look at his record against winning teams he is horrible and he will prove it again with throw ints

  13. I sure did not post my thoughts to get into a debate. These are just my thoughts. Just a lifelong disappointed fan. At the end of the day I have no idea of what I am reflecting or know. Just want our Lions to win and my hopes for a better season is just that hope. I’m sure all the stats and history would point to the contrary. But hopeful I remain.

  14. I’m a Lions fan and I’m a Matthew Stafford fan but the reality is the Detroit Lions organization is a losing organization. They will continue to be a losing organization. 5 – 11

  15. Good point. Just don’t get it. Sucks going through this year in and year out. Go Lions

  16. I hope Stafford does something this year. Regardless of how many passing yards he racks up he chokes a lot when in the red zone. I hope it’s different this year

  17. They been doing nothing but helping him . He can not relay on megatron that much . Calvin gets dinged up and that offense has no life . Call him a Brady ?! Brady does it with almost nothing

  18. He has all the physical tools but is he motivated to win, be a leader, and make smart plays on the field? I hoping to see a veteran, more mature Stafford this season. Lead this team Matt.

  19. Stafford will be just fine,he is one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He has had only one reciever to pass to, and that’s the Megatron, but this year he’ll have another good receiver in Golden Tate so he won’t have to throw in to double coverage all game.He has one of the best arms . He just needs protection and the Lions are on the way.

  20. Lol the ford lions had one of their best seasons of the millennium 7wins and what do they do?
    Fire gym shorts and hire a terrible coach to replace him
    I love that the ford lions suck 🙂

  21. Why not give Kellen Moore a shot? Can it really get any worse? I mean at least you know he’s got a drive to thrive in the game and his focus is on the gave and not his excuses. Too many people have been making excuses for Stafford and its gotten to his head. …anyways, why pay someone to warm people up… it’s his 3rd year… make it work already!

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