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Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford responds to speculation that Matt Patricia could be fired

Ever since the end of Matt Patricia‘s first season as head coach of the Detroit Lions, there has been plenty of speculation as to whether or not he is on the hot seat.

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After going 6-10 in 2018 and 3-12-1 in 2019, coupled with a 1-3 start to the 2020 season, there is no question about it that Patricia is firmly on the hot seat in Detroit…or at least he should be.

Earlier this week, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was asked about the speculation about Patricia being fired and he response was pretty predictable.

“No, I just go out there and play,” Stafford said told reporters. “I don’t really worry too much about that stuff, even when it’s offseason or whatever it is. I just go out there and try to prepare to play as good as I possibly can week in and week out. I understand the game and the life of the NFL just as much as anybody else, but I don’t think about it too much, to be honest.”

Stafford added that if he did think about playing with his coach and GM on the hot seat, he probably would not be on the Lions anymore.

“If we were thinking about that, I probably would’ve been gone, five, six, seven years ago,” Stafford said.

The Lions are off to a rough start this season and part of the reason for that rough start has been the play of Stafford, who has struggled after missing the final eight games of the 2019 season with a back injury.

Stafford has made a play or two each game that can only be described as “bonehead plays” and he has admitted publicly that there are some plays he wishes he could take back.

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Moving forward, the Lions have an easy schedule coming up (at least on paper) and if Stafford can right the ship, and the defense can do anything at all, he and his teammates could turn the season around quickly.

But, as we know, we are talking about the Detroit Lions and those are big ifs.

Nation, do you think Stafford and the Lions will right the ship starting with a win on Sunday vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Let us know what you think!

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