Detroit Lions RB Craig Reynolds Could Be Battling for His Job

The Detroit Lions enter the upcoming 2023 season with a clear hierarchy in their running back rotation. However, as the team prepares for the new season, insiders suggest that a battle may be brewing for the third and potentially final spot on the roster. While David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are expected to lead the rushing attack, The Athletic's Colton Pouncy highlights the possibility of a competition for the No. 3 spot, with veteran Craig Reynolds facing a challenge from undrafted free agent Mohamed Ibrahim. Given the team's recent history of carrying only three running backs, Reynolds' future with the Lions is at stake.

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Key Points

  • David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are likely to receive the majority of carries in the upcoming season.
  • A battle is anticipated for the third running back position on the Lions' roster.
  • Reynolds, a respected veteran, may face strong competition from undrafted free agent Mohamed Ibrahim.

A fight for the final running back spot

The competition for the third running back position in the Lions' roster highlights the importance of depth and versatility in the team's offensive strategy. As the team relies on Montgomery and Gibbs to carry the workload, the battle between Reynolds and Ibrahim intensifies the quest for the best supporting option. The outcome of this competition will not only determine the depth of the Lions' running back rotation but also shape the team's overall offensive capabilities.

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Reynolds has been with the Lions for two seasons now, earning the trust of the locker room. Ibrahim, though, was a highly productive back at Minnesota who has the talent to stick on a roster despite going undrafted. Reynolds should be considered the early favorite, as Ibrahim has to show it on the field, but I keep coming back to a scene from last year’s season of “Hard Knocks,” in which Dan Campbell questions Reynolds’ spot on the team in a staff meeting. Advantage: Reynolds (for now). -Colton Pouncy

Detroit Lions Roster competition: Craig Reynolds vs. Ibrahim

With the Lions' roster spot on the line, Craig Reynolds faces a significant challenge from undrafted free agent Mohamed Ibrahim. According to Colton Pouncy, he believes Reynolds currently has the edge, but Ibrahim is determined to prove himself and potentially secure a spot in the running back rotation. The battle between the two players will be closely watched, as the Lions' coaching staff assesses their performances and contributions during the preseason.

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