Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery injured vs. Seahawks

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery injured vs. Seahawks: Find out what happened to Montgomery during the 3rd quarter of today's game.

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery injured vs. Seahawks

With the Detroit Lions leading the Seattle Seahawks 21-17 in the 3rd quarter, RB David Montgomery did everything he could to try to gain some extra yardage for the good guys, but while doing so, he suffered an injury.

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What Happened to David Montgomery?

While attempting to twist and turn to break free of a tackle, Montgomery suffered what appears to be a thigh injury. He left the game and was seen lying on the sideline before getting his thigh wrapped up by the trainers. Now, he has been carted to the locker room. Stay tuned to see if he is able to come back in the game.

Why it Matters

If Montgomery is forced to miss time, it would be a big loss for the Lions offense, as rookie Jahmyr Gibbs will be forced to shoulder the load. Prior to getting injured, he had 16 carries for 67 yards and a touchdown.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Montgomery's Injury: In the midst of a competitive game against the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery suffered a concerning thigh injury. The injury occurred as he tried to evade a tackle, twisting and turning in the process. Montgomery's immediate exit from the game and subsequent trip to the locker room raised alarm bells.
  2. Potential Impact on the Lions: David Montgomery's injury has significant implications for the Lions' offensive unit. With the possibility of him missing playing time, the responsibility to carry the rushing load could fall on rookie Jahmyr Gibbs.
  3. Awaiting Updates: The situation remains fluid, and the extent of David Montgomery's injury is yet to be determined. Fans and the team are anxiously awaiting updates on his condition and whether he will be able to return to the game.
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Bottom Line: Fingers Crossed

David Montgomery's injury has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Lions' offense. His potential absence could pose a significant challenge for the team, requiring rookie Jahmyr Gibbs to step up and fill the void. As the game unfolds, fans and the organization will closely monitor Montgomery's condition, hoping for a positive outcome and a swift return to action.

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