Detroit Lions RB Jahmyr Gibbs isn’t concerned with media criticism

The Detroit Lions entered the 2023 NFL Draft with the 6th overall selection. However, general manager Brad Holmes swung a deal at the last minute with the Arizona Cardinals, trading down in order to acquire the No. 12, No. 34, and No. 168 overall selections; they also now have five picks between 12 and 55th overall. And with the 12th pick, the Lions decided to go with running back Jahmyr Gibbs out of Alabama.

Jahmyr Gibbs Hoosiers

Why It Matters: Gibbs isn't concerned with criticism

More than a few eyebrows were raised when the Lions announced Gibbs as their Round 1 selection, due to the fact that many were anticipating him to be selected in a later round of the Draft. And you can bet that Gibbs himself heard the whispers and criticism of Holmes for the selection. But don't expect him to care, because he sure doesn't.

“I mean, I heard it,” Gibbs said of the criticism of his being selected 12th overall in Round 1. “It’s their opinion. I really don’t care.”

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And he certainly doesn't have to, especially after the numbers he posted with the Crimson Tide. Having led Alabama in rushing with 926 yards, catches with 44, and kick return yards last season, Gibbs is poised to help Detroit's attack be even more potent in 2023.

Gibbs did not participate in Day 2 of the team rookie minicamp after suffering a minor ankle injury on Day 1. The good news is that it's nothing serious.

“He had a little tweak, but no big issue,” assistant general manager Ray Agnew said. “He’ll be fine. We’re just being safe with it.”

“I’m straight,” Gibbs said of his status. “I’m good.”

Wrapping It Up – Gibbs will be aiming to live up to his Draft position

While many viewed Detroit's selection of Gibbs as coming out of left field, he plans on silencing any remaining doubters by letting his play on the field do the talking for him.

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We look forward to watching Gibbs do his best to live up to his potential as he begins his NFL career with the Lions.

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