Detroit Lions RB Jamaal Williams: ‘I don’t give a f— about Hard Knocks’

As you have almost certainly heard by now, our Detroit Lions will be the NFL team that is featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this coming summer.

Most Lions fans seem excited about being able to see their team featured on Hard Knocks but one Lions player “don’t give a f—” about being on the HBO reality show.

That player is RB Jamaal Williams, who spoke to the media on Wednesday.

From Pro Football Talk:

He got close to the microphone on the podium and said in a lowered voice, “I don’t give a f—.”

“All that is to me now is more cameras walking around staring at me,” Williams said. “I don’t care. I just want to play football. I want to win a Super Bowl — this year. Forget the Hard Knocks, all that stuff. It’s just going to happen, you know what I mean? Like, people think I’m funny, but I don’t do it on purpose. It’s just me. I just walk around and just be me all the time, that’s it. I can’t fake nothing.

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“But they’re gonna see it. They’re gonna see it on my face. Every time they’ve got a camera in my face, I’m just gonna look at them. We’ve got people here to do that already. So if they’re not people you already know and they’ve got a camera in my face, I’m not gonna smile at them. Maybe. We’ll see.”

Williams added that he has shed some weight during the offseason so that he can show off his abs.

“So you can see my abs when I take my shirt off… I just like looking good, I guess,” Williams said.

Jamaal, you may not be excited about being on Hard Knocks, but we are definitely excited about seeing you!

Williams, who is 26, has one year remaining on his current contract and has a cap hit of $4,375,00 for this upcoming season.

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