Detroit Lions release ‘Detroit Shows Up’ video

Today marks the final day of Black History Month, and the Detroit Lions decided to honor the day by releasing an amazing video of Detroit-based poet, author, and event producer Joel Fluent Greene reading his spoken word piece titled, “Detroit Shows Up.”

Joel Fluent Greene recites, “Detroit Shows Up”

Lyrics of “Detroit Shows Up”, by Joel Fluent Greene

Who knows GRIT more than us?

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Dedication more than us?

We're the sun at dawn dependable

A sonnet unforgettable

Detroit Shows Up

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We bare the weather, bare bones of ruse

2nd shift workers on that city bus

We share One Pride

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For family, community

Working Monday morn through Saturday eve

Saving Sundays for the unity

Communing in living rooms, basements

Screens small and large

Mama's kitchen

Man cave in a garage

Sports radio in cars

Tailgates in Eastern Market

A sea of Honolulu blue from near to afar

Our silver shines when the days are dark

We're from Detroit

Detroit Shows Up

Tell me, Who's more faithful than us?

Who works harder than us?

We've cheered the wins, decried the calls

We've cried the tears, remotes were tossed

Together we've been through it all

We expect tough

Still, we show up

We're not a running gag

A punchline

A sad story

Or depressing headline

An afterthought

Or laughingstock

We've fought for every gain we've gone

Nothing ever came easy, not for us

We stack the boxes, sweep the dust

In steel-toe boots and cleats, we trust

We're from Detroit

Detroit Shows Up.

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