Detroit Lions reportedly make decision on Dan Campbell’s status for 2022 season

The Lions have struggled to get wins but they have competed

It took the Detroit Lions quite a while to pick up their first victory of the 2021season and there were actually quite a few people who believed (some still do) that head coach Dan Campbell should be fired before the 2022 season.

Well, those people are going to be disappointed because the Lions have reportedly (and not surprisingly) already made the decision that Campbell will return for the 2020 campaign.

Ian Rapoport of is reporting that Campbell is not in “any trouble” and that he will “return in 2022.”


Fellow first-year coaches Robert Saleh and Dan Campbell have struggled when it comes to wins and losses, though there have been more than enough promising signs that neither is in any trouble. Both are coaches their respective organizations want to build around, and both will return in 2022, per team sources.

In my opinion, Campbell has done a solid job not only changing what was once a toxic culture in the Lions locker room, while also being competitive in most games. There is no question in my mind that he deserves more time.

What do you think?

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    • While I live in mi I am not and will never be a lions fan. But I agree coach has done well they could of been a 7 win team but because of losses by Lil points they are not and one from a 68 yrd field goal so there is that. But he is going in the right direction for sure. So let him coach for sure.

  1. Coach Campbell is going to be a great coach. He has smarts and heart most of the team is new and alot of young men give him his draft picks and 2 years will be an ausome contending team.

  2. I watched the Lion’s more this year then the past several years. Why? Because in spite of their record the players were competitive in most games. Campbell has the players attention, so next year we would hope to see improvement. The Ford’s aren’t going anywhere, so all we can do is hope.

  3. Wow you people on here are a trip ! Dan cambell is a good coach and the players are playing hard for him ! They respect him and that means alot !! The team is rebuilding and we all knew we weren’t gonna win many games thats how it goes ! We found a good rookie receiver “St Brown” and we have alot of picks for the upcoming draft ! Hopefully we find some great players that want to come and play in Detroit because that’s a big problem. No players want to come here and that’s why dan is trying to change the culture here ! GIVE HIM A CHANCE ! HAVE FAITH ! GO PRIDE !!!!

    • No coaches want to come to Detroit either.
      Finding a coach willing to take a hit of the number of lions loses to their coaching record, I suspect is almost impossible.
      Dan Cambell is what Detroit needs. If good players come to Detroit, it will because he is the coach. Not because of what a great team Detroit is. Hahaha

    • He instilled a killer instinct huh?! They have TWO wins!!! Now, wtf is killer about TWO wins?! Because they were “competitive”?? These guys have been blew OUT multiple times this year. I’d love to know why someone would think he’s the answer.

    • That killer instinct was on full display in the beat down in Seattle Sunday, and then again in Campbell’s press conference.
      You can only do the rah rah stuff that Campbell does for so long, then the players stop listening. Has the search for the next coach begun?

  4. For you idiots that think Cambell is a bad coach you obviously know nothing about football. He and his staff are the reason this team is as competitive as they are. With a couple of good breaks early in the season that they didn’t get this team could’ve been close to .500 team right now. I don’t think there’s a coach in the league that could’ve done better. That being said he needs to improve in 2022 and 2023

    • Know nothing about football huh?? Tell me exactly what Dan Campbell had done to make you say “I don’t think a coach in the league could’ve done better” That may very well be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read in a my life. They have won TWO games. Blown out MULTIPLE TIMES. He’s responsible for some of the worst coaching decisions in football. Oh, but he’s got this team fired up right? Playing hard? No other coach in the NFL could do a better job right? Maaaaaan! Look, next time you go to speak on this topic, don’t

  5. Hes horrible coach. Why he never has gotten an interview from any team ever for any other coaching job besides offense line coach. Cant believe hes getting a pass like this. Really, Goff is a good qb. He is horrible. Overpaid backup maybe. Why wouldn’t cambell draft a qb at any time. He is clueless. But atleast hes nice and cries alot. SOL. They go from one extreme to another when hiring coaches. Lions didnt even interview anybody else. Fords once again found a guy that makes lions fans happy to lose. As the ford family collect the money. Never drop ticket prices or anything. Worst owners ever in pro football. Just write the checks ford family. That’s it. Dont get involved in any hiring decisions or please sell the team! Lions fans have been loyal. But the fords have no loyalty to the fans! SOL The toxic environment is losing. That hasnt changed under dan cambell. But they try atleast. He has no players cause he released them. Stop buying tickets lions fans and merchandise or this will never change. That’s what it finally took to fire matt millen.

    • You are clueless . #1 Dan Campbell has never coached offensive line. #2 He was assistant head coach in New Orleans. #3 . He was interim head coach in Miami. #4 Campbell ain’t the general manager so it’s not his call when or when not to draft a QB.. #5 . Are you drunk, he has no players cause he released them ??????. You didn’t make a lick of sense at any point in you’re message. Without using Google , You even know who the G.M is ?????

    • You’re misinformed they interviwed 4 other coaches but they chose other teams. Why Saleh chose the team he’s with over the Lions is beyond me but he wouldn’t have had anymore luck than Cambell has had.

    • Over half the coaches in the league could do a better job. I know his few credentials. Winning changes the culture. This is unbelievable. Guy wins 2 games. Teams dumb down when they play the lions. Only thing I have seen is offense line improvement but only the rush. Brad holmes could be stubborn and not want to let goff go after dumping draft picks to draft goff. Put pressure on goff and hes done. Probably shouldn’t of said anything. You dont have to stick up for lions if you work for fords. Lions are a joke once again. Not to long ago Schwartz brought this team to respectable for once in a long time. Cant believe the excuses for spielmans buddy. I’m guessing most celebrated and cried when dan cambell and sheila celebrated there first win like it’s the super bowl. Are the lions an expansion team? Maybe I dont know anything. Diaper Dan will lead them to 4 wins next year. SOL

  6. Jared Goff is a good quarterback need a receiver whom is a threat.. need some pass rushers. Get after the quarterback pls.. . A quarterback whom isn’t pressured can look around the field, throw with ease. So many 4 yard catches ,be a threat throw it down field

  7. Dan Campbell is the best coach the Lions have had in years. An argument can be made for Jim Caldwell, but let remember he had Stafford and Megatron. Campbell has nothing, but has managed to turn that onto something.

    • Huh? No comparison to Caldwell at this stage. Caldwell produced 7-9 & 9-7 seasons plus 2 playoff appearances in his 4 years as HC.
      With or without Stafford & Megatron, 2 wins is horrible. So far he is a better comparison to Patricia if we are talking about wins & losses. And Patrica wins in this discussion so he has alot to prove next year especially with getting the top 2nd or 3rd pick in college football.

    • I still think Jim Schwartz was exactly what the Lions needed. I’m sure some would argue that he took it too far but you need to be willing to risk that to have a guy to fire up the team. Caldwell seemed to be an ok coach but I think he needed a roster that already had the fire. I also think people assumed they were getting God Father of Football Tony Dungy when you got Caldwell or that Dungy would at least hang out and mentor everyone.

      Campbell seems to understand that he has to show young players that he will fight for them before those young players with fight for their team. I hope Campbell can get them fired up and be able to reap the rewards of that mentality with some improvements after 3-4 years.

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