Detroit Lions to require players to wear microchips to track who they are around

On Wednesday, Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn spoke to the media via a Zoom call and he spent quite a bit of time talking about the measures the team has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.

One of the most interesting things the Lions will be doing is requiring players and staff to wear microchipped devices such as sweatbands and wrist bands that will track which people you are in contact within the building. The devices will blink and give audio alerts if you get too close to people outside designated tiers.

In addition, Quinn noted that the Lions have also installed a new air filtration system and will be requiring players to order food via an app from the cafeteria.

In terms of team rooms, Quinn said every position group has gone up a room, using the example of the offensive line now using the team meeting room, which previously held 120 people and will not hold a max of 34. The Lions GM also said the team’s quarterback room is not usable right now because it is too small.