Detroit Lions restructure P Jack Fox’s contract

The Detroit Lions and punter Jack Fox have reportedly agreed to restructure his contract, converting $1M of his base salary and $1M of his bonus money for 2023 into a prorated signing bonus that is paid out immediately. The Lions added the new $2M prorated bonus to the existing prorated bonus and split it evenly over all four years, freeing up an additional $500,000 in cap space per season and $1.6M for 2023.

Jack Fox Detroit Lions

Key Points:

  • Fox’s contract has been restructured, freeing up an additional $1.6M in cap space for the Lions in 2023.
  • $1M of Fox’s base salary and $1M of his bonus money for 2023 were converted into a prorated signing bonus.
  • The new $2M prorated bonus was added to the existing prorated bonus and split evenly over all four years, adding $500,000 to each season.
  • The contract restructure benefits both the Lions and Fox.
  • Fox gets $2M more in guarantees and roster stability, while the Lions get more cap space for their new additions.

Why it Matters for Detroit Lions and Jack Fox

This move benefits both the Lions and Fox, as the Lions get some extra room for all their new additions, while Fox benefits by adding $2M more in guarantees to his four-year contract. The new deal also provides Fox with some roster stability, as he has more guarantees than his cap hit in 2023 and 2024, and nearly half of his contract is still guaranteed in 2025.

Fox By The Numbers

Fox, who is 26, has played in all 50 of the Lions’ games since he joined them in 2020. During the 2022 season, he punted the ball 52 times (career-low) for an average of 48.6 yards per punt (career-low).

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