Detroit Lions rookie Colby Sorsdal talks about position switch

In a recent interview, Detroit Lions rookie Colby Sorsdal expressed his excitement about the position switch and the increased speed of the game at the guard position. He acknowledged the need to adjust quickly and highlighted his enthusiasm for taking on new challenges. As a versatile player who showcased his skills at various positions during practices, Sorsdal caught the attention of the Lions during the East-West Shrine Game, ultimately leading to his selection in the NFL Draft.

Colby Sorsdal Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Sorsdal's transition from right tackle to guard with the Detroit Lions has generated excitement and anticipation.
  • Sorsdal embraces the challenge of the position switch, acknowledging the faster pace and need for adjustment.
  • His versatility, intelligence, and commitment to film study position him for future success on the Lions' offensive line.

Why it Matters

Sorsdal's transition from right tackle to guard in his rookie season with the Lions is generating interest and anticipation among fans and analysts. The switch presents both opportunities and challenges for Sorsdal as he adapts to the faster pace and different dynamics of playing on the interior offensive line.

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Detroit Lions rookie Colby Sorsdal talks about position switch

As Sorsdal continues to make the transition, he emphasizes the importance of thorough film study and mastering the team's playbook. The rookie lineman understands the competitive nature of the NFL and recognizes the need to adapt to the speed and technique required at this level. While acknowledging that every player in the league is strong and fast, Sorsdal remains committed to improving his understanding of the game and refining his technique.

“I love how fast it is. Everything happens so much faster when you're at guard. Things get on you pretty quick,” Sorsdal said about the transition from tackle to guard. “That's one thing I need to adjust to, right? But I like having something new to work on. I like challenging myself and I feel like I'm doing that out here.”

The Bottom Line – Embracing change for future success

Sorsdal's transition to the guard position marks an exciting chapter in his young NFL career. His positive attitude, work ethic, and eagerness to learn are admirable qualities that will serve him well as he navigates the challenges of playing on the interior offensive line. While there may be an adjustment period, Sorsdal's versatility and determination position him for future success. Lions fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his growth and contributions to the team's offensive line unit.

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