Detroit Lions rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs already has his teammates talking

Jahmyr Gibbs may be a rookie, but he is already making waves at Detroit Lions minicamp.

In an impressive display during the second day of minicamp, Detroit Lions rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs showcased his talent and left his teammates buzzing with excitement. Despite the non-contact nature of the practice, Gibbs exhibited his explosive speed and agility, leaving defenders in his wake. The standout moment came when he outran the defense for a potential long touchdown catch from quarterback Jared Goff.

Jahmyr Gibbs Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Gibbs impressed his teammates with his performance at minicamp.
  • Gibbs showcased his speed and agility, outrunning the defense on a potential long touchdown catch.
  • Linebacker Alex Anzalone expressed excitement and curiosity about Gibbs' abilities.
  • Gibbs has displayed crisp routes, impressive speed, and a positive attitude.
  • His teammates have praised his skills and anticipate his impact on the Lions' offense.

Detroit Lions rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs already has his teammates talking

What LB Alex Anzalone has to say about Gibbs

Linebacker Alex Anzalone, an experienced player who has faced dynamic running backs in the past, expressed his intrigue and excitement for Gibbs' potential impact on the Lions' offense. As training camp approaches, there is anticipation about how Gibbs will continue to develop and contribute to the team.

“I’m excited to kind of see where he is in training camp cause I think, he just got out here and I don’t know how hard he’s pushing it,” Anzalone said. “He’s a little speedy, but I’m excited to see his dead leg and those option routes and see what he can do with those.”

Anzalone was also asked to compare Gibbs to his former teammate with the New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara.

“I think A.K.’s a little bigger, thicker. He’s like 215-ish. And yeah, he’s a little taller,” Anzalone said. “So I’d say size-wise, no. I think Gibbs is a little faster speed-wise, but A.K. has a little like smooth sneakiness to him that it’ll be interesting to see (if Gibbs has). It’s hard to judge when we’re in pajamas. I want to see in a game, when people are going at it.”

“I’ve been a part of New Orleans where we had a piece like that, and yeah, it definitely (causes problems),” Anzalone said. “Cause even if you’re in zone defense, how are you going to match up to it? There are ways to defend it, but it definitely makes an additional (worry). And that’s probably what he’s going to be best is when he gets the ball in his hands, what does he do with it.”

What QB Jared Goff has to say about Gibbs

Goff is impressed with (and excited about) Gibbs.

“He can catch it. He can run it. We’re excited about him,” Goff said. “He’s done a hell of a job as well as a rookie, learning, picking things up, asking the right questions and can do some special things with the ball in his hands. So we’re excited to do that.”

Bottom Line – Speed, Agility, and Promise

Jahmyr Gibbs' early showing at minicamp demonstrates the exciting potential he possesses as a rookie running back for the Detroit Lions. His speed, agility, and reliable pass-catching ability make him a versatile weapon in the team's offensive scheme. As the season approaches, all eyes will be on Gibbs to see how he continues to develop and contribute to the Lions' success. His presence adds a new dimension to the team's backfield, creating excitement and raising expectations for what he can achieve on the field.