Detroit Lions Rooting Guide: Root for a TIE this week!

It's GAME DAY, and we have your Detroit Lions Rooting Guide ready! Can you believe we are in Week 15 of the 2022 NFL season and our Detroit Lions are still in the hunt for a playoff spot? Well, considering we predicted it before the season, we are not too surprised. That being said, if the Lions want to get into the playoffs, they are not only going to have to win their remaining four games (probably), but they will also need some help along the way. Here is the Detroit Lions Rooting Guide for Week 15!

Detroit Lions Rooting Guide

Detroit Lions Rooting Guide for Week 15! Root for a tie!

*Remember, this rooting guide is ONLY taking the Detroit Lions' playoff chances into consideration and it also starts with them defeating the New York Jets!

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With that being said, here is the Detroit Lions Rooting Guide, which shows the teams you should be rooting for today if you are a fan of the Lions.

New Orleans Saints (4-9) over Atlanta Falcons (5-8) – 1:00 p.m. ET (FOX)

Chicago Bears (3-10) over Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) – 1:00 p.m. ET (FOX)

-We are rooting for the Bears here so that the Eagles do not get any closer to clinching home-field throughout the NFC Playoffs. We may need the Eagles to play their starters in Week 18 against the New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys (10-3) over Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8) – 1:00 p.m. ET (FOX)

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We are rooting for the Cowboys here so they can remain in the hunt for home-field advantage. We need the Eagles to feel like they have to play their starters in Week 18. (see above)

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) over Carolina Panthers (5-8) – 1:00 p.m. ET (CBS)

Washington Commanders (7-5-1) TO TIE New York Giants (7-5-1) – 8:20 p.m. ET (NBC)

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Ah, yes! Not long ago, the Commanders and Giants actually tied their game, which mathematically hurt the Lions' playoff chances. But, if the Lions win and the Commanders and Giants TIE today, the Lions' playoff chances will go to 52%. If either the Commanders or Giants win, the Lions' playoff chances will be at just 40%. ROOT FOR A TIE!!!

Los Angeles Rams (4-9) over Green Bay Packers (5-8)

Remember, this rooting guide is based on the Lions making the playoffs, it does not take into consideration the 2023 NFL Draft order. If that is all you care about, then root for the Packers in this one.

We hope you enjoyed the Detroit Lions Rooting Guide for this week!

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