Detroit Lions’ savior hits free agent market

Assuming you have not been in a soundproof bubble with no technology for the past couple of days, you are well aware that Detroit Lions‘ general manager Bob Quinn has been throwing money at free agents like it’s going out of style!

Well, guess what? I highly recommend Quinn does not put his pocketbook away just yet because one player who could save the Lions just became a free agent.

That player is LB Zach Brown, who according to reports, has been cut by the Washington Redskins after they were unable to trade him.

Brown, who is 29, was the No. 3 rated LB in 2018 according to Pro Football Focus and he would be a beautiful fit for the Lions’ defense.

In a PFF piece titled, “Top snubs of the AP’s 2018 NFL All-Pro selections,” Brown was praised for his overall ability as a linebacker.

“Lost in the shuffle that was the middle-of-the-pack Redskins defense this year, Brown was a sure tackler and was rarely beaten in any regard whether it was coverage, run defense or the rare occasion he blitzed the passer.”

In 2016, Brown had his best season to date while playing for the Buffalo Bills when he racked up 149 tackles and was selected to the Pro Bowl.

Though I don’t want to speculate on the money Brown would demand, because nobody really knows, the way Quinn backloaded the contracts of Trey Flowers and Jesse James means the Lions do still have some cash to spend if the right player is available.

That player is Zach Brown.

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