Detroit Lions say they hoped Jameson Williams would click sooner

When the Detroit Lions selected WR Jameson Williams with the No. 12 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, he told reporters that his game plan was to be ready to roll by the time training camp started. Well, his game plan and the Lions' game plan were different as the Lions vowed they would be very patient with Williams as he recovered from a torn ACL. Now, Williams has been suiting up for over a month, but he really has not been too involved in the offense. The Lions hoped he would be further along by now.

Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

What did the Detroit Lions say about Jameson Williams?

On Thursday, Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson spoke to reporters and he admitted that the team “hoped it would click just a little bit faster than it has” for Williams.

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“Each week we're trying to push the envelope a little bit and maybe learn a couple of different routes that he hasn't been taught yet or put them in a little different spot,” said Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. “So yeah, each week we're trying to do that and it's just how fast can we get them along feeling and comfortable with it. 

“I hoped it would click just a little bit faster than it has, I think we all have,” Johnson continued. “But that's, it takes time sometimes and we're not losing faith. We're going to keep pressing it and it'll end up clicking at some point. He'll have a big game. And that's why, that's why we took him and that's why he can help us so much.”

So far, in five games with the Lions, Williams has a total of two touches for 81 yards and a touchdown.

Nation, would you like to see Williams be more involved on Sunday Night Football against the Packers, or are you content waiting until next year to really unleash him?

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