Detroit Lions see void at backup quarterback as HUGE priority this offseason

Searching for a backup quarterback with specific skill sets in a priority for the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions general manager, Brad Holmes, admits that he overlooked the need for a backup quarterback in the past two seasons while developing other areas of the team. However, the team is eager to fill the position before the 2023 season, so as not to be left vulnerable in the case of an injury to their starter, Jared Goff.

Why it Matters:

  • The Lions need a reliable backup quarterback to ensure they remain competitive in the event of an injury to their starter, Jared Goff.
  • Brad Holmes recognizes the team's need for a reliable backup and has taken full responsibility for not having one.
  • The team is unlikely to spend extravagantly on a backup quarterback, with only $23 million in available cap space.
  • Dave Birkett suggested four potential backup options for the Lions
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What they're Saying:

Holmes praised Nate Sudfeld's efforts as the backup last season, but he is also an unrestricted free agent.

“Look, we love Jared, he's our starter, he's our guy going into (2023), but we don't have anything behind him. I thought Nate did a nice job when we got him, but he’s a UFA as well. So again, we got to make sure that we address everything again, whether it’s free agency and through the draft.”

Brad Holmes, Detroit Lions General Manager
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Ben Johnson was pretty clear about what he'd like in his backup quarterback:

When I look at a backup quarterback, the two areas that I start with are third down and two-minute (offense), because that's where they really have the most impact,

Ben Johnson, Dertoit Lions Offensive Coordinator

The Bottom Line for the Detroit Lions:

The Detroit Lions are looking for a reliable backup quarterback for the upcoming season. The team does not have a backup quarterback that it can count on, and Holmes is taking full responsibility for this oversight. The team is unlikely to go after a veteran quarterback in the free agency market, and they will need to explore their options carefully. They have a lot of cap space to work with, but they will need to use it wisely to fill this critical role on their team. The Lions are expected to look at developmental options in the draft and try to get a reliable backup quarterback as soon as possible.

What's Next:

The Detroit Lions have two first-round picks in the upcoming NFL draft, which gives them a great opportunity to add some valuable talent to their team. The Lions are expected to explore their options carefully and take the best players available to them. However, the team is also expected to focus on finding a backup quarterback in the draft and using their available cap space to fill any other areas of need.

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