Detroit Lions set to lose hundreds of millions in revenue if games don’t have fans

Thanks to the spread of COVID-19, the National Football League has been discussing ways to safely be able to play in 2020, and among the proposals include playing games without any fans in the stands.

Based on 2018 numbers, the League as a whole would lose a cool $5.5 billion in stadium revenue, while the players would lose money under the new CBA agreement that allocated 47% of football-related income to the players in 2020 and 48% in 2021.

Just how much would the Detroit Lions lose? While the numbers are significant, they’re not as high as some other teams. Detroit is ranked 25th on the list with a projected loss of $117 million in team stadium revenue, and $385 million in total revenue.

The Dallas Cowboys are first on the list with losses of $621 million in stadium revenue and $950 million in total revenue, with the New England Patriots ($315 million, $600 million) and New York Giants ($262 million, $519 million) following.

Below is the total list, via Forbes:

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