Detroit Lions set to cut 5 players

Currently, the Detroit Lions roster sits at 90 players and they will have until Aug. 16 to reduce that roster down to 85 players.

The NFL has some new rules in place this season as for when teams must trim their rosters down during training camp and the first date is coming soon, which means the Detroit Lions will have some decisions to make.

Currently, the Lions roster sits at 90 players and they will have until Aug. 16 to reduce that roster down to 85 players.

Because of that, the Lions will have to cut five of their players by Tuesday.

Here are the NFL‘s mandatory roster cutdown dates for the remainder of training camp.

Aug. 16: reduce to 85

Aug. 23: reduce to 80

Aug. 30: reduce to 53

Nation, which players do you think are in jeopardy of being cut by the Detroit Lions?

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 NFL cut-down days, which pertain to the Detroit Lions

From Yahoo:

What is an NFL cut-down day?

In the final weeks between preseason and the regular season, NFL teams shed nearly half their roster in a series of three cut-down days. These are designated across the league, starting with gradual cuts before the third cut-down day when the roster drops to 53.

When are the NFL roster cut dates for 2022?

The NFL cut-down dates and their quotas for 2022 are as follows:

  • August 16: 90 to 85 players
  • August 23: 85 to 80 players
  • August 30: 80 to 53 players

The deadline for cuts is 4 p.m. ET on each date.

Those dates coincide with each of the three weeks of preseason games.

How many players are on an NFL team?

NFL teams are allowed 53 players on the roster, plus a 16-member practice squad. However, only 47 players — 48 if the roster includes at least eight offensive linemen — can suit up per game under the new collective bargaining agreement.

What are the other key dates after NFL cutdowns?

After cut-down days, it’s full steam ahead toward the regular season, which is set to begin Sept. 8. The next major date to keep an eye out for is the trade deadline on Nov. 1.


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