Detroit Lions Shelby GT350 mock uniforms are smooth [Photos]

The Detroit Lions were eligible to make a change to their uniforms for the 2022 season but team president Rod Wood said that though no alterations will be made for the upcoming season, they are considering some things for the 2023 campaign.

From Detroit Lions:

Asked about potential uniform changes, Wood said nothing is planned this offseason, but the team is in the process of forming a committee to look at potential changes next offseason in 2023. Wood says there is an option of adding another helmet, and the Lions will look into that as part of the process.

While browsing Twitter this morning, we came across some mock uniforms created by Anthoney Gee (@BustersDadAG) that are pretty smooth.

There's a reason to hope in the Detroit Lions

As you can see below, Gee calls these mocks the Lions’ Shelby GT350 alt-uniform.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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  1. I will never buy a Ford product and have serious reservations about supporting a team I’ve loved all my life. News is going to surface about the Ford Foundation and it’s involvement with the Arribella Project. The Arribella Project funnels money from Foreign investors into our elections. They were involved in the 2020 elections with Zuckerberg and George Soros to undermine our elections and get Joe Biden elected. The Fords are not good people and could care less about the average American as they portray themselves to be in commercials and public statements. thank you

    • So all of the trials in the Supreme Courts over election tampering and this whole time you were the one with the single piece of incriminating evidence….wow! Try getting your news and info. from someplace other than fox News. Its a big world out there!

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