Detroit Lions sign Eagles CB Mac McCain

The Detroit Lions have signed former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Mac McCain. McCain, who went undrafted in 2021 from North Carolina A&T, spent his rookie season with the Denver Broncos before being picked up by the Eagles during the regular season. Although he only played 44 total snaps (11 on defense) for the Eagles that year, he signed back with them for most of the 2022 season. The Lions need to add cornerbacks, and they hope they can develop McCain. The Lions only have three returning cornerbacks under contract from last season.

Detroit Lions Seth Ryan Mac McCain

Key points:

  • Detroit Lions signed Mac McCain, former Eagles cornerback
  • McCain went undrafted in 2021 from North Carolina A&T, spent rookie season with Broncos
  • Eagles picked up McCain during regular season in 2021, played in two games
  • McCain spent most of 2022 season on Eagles practice squad
  • Lions in need of cornerback help, only have three returning cornerbacks under contract from last season
  • Both of last year’s starters were benched during the season

The Big Picture: Lions seek to improve struggling defense

The Detroit Lions have struggled defensively in recent years, particularly in their secondary. With the signing of Mac McCain, a young cornerback, the Lions hope to improve their defense going into the 2023 season. McCain’s experience with both the Eagles and Broncos gives him some valuable experience in the NFL and could make him a valuable depth piece for the Lions’ struggling secondary.

While McCain’s stats from his limited playing time with the Eagles may not be impressive, his experience in the NFL and potential as a young and talented cornerback could make him a valuable asset to the Lions’ defense. His time on the Eagles practice squad also shows his dedication to improving his skills and his willingness to work hard to contribute to his team.

Bottom Line: Lions take a chance on young talent

The Detroit Lions’ signing of Mac McCain shows their commitment to improving their defense and taking a chance on young and talented players. McCain’s experience in the NFL, though brief, and his potential as a cornerback, make him a valuable addition to the team. While his stats may not be impressive, his dedication and willingness to work hard make him a promising addition to the Lions’ roster. Only time will tell if this signing pays off for the team, but for now, Lions fans can look forward to seeing what McCain can bring to the field.

Written by W.G. Brady

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