Detroit Lions sign LB Trevor Nowaske out of Saginaw Valley State

According to a tweet from Saginaw Valley State University defensive coordinator/DBs coach Dan McKeown, LB Trevor Nowaske is signing a UDFA deal with the Detroit Lions. Prior to heading to SVSU, Nowaske was a standout athlete at Salem High School in Canton, MI. During his time there, earned three First Team All-Conference honors.

Trevor Nowaske Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Nowaske, a standout athlete from Salem High School in Canton, MI, is signing a UDFA deal with the Lions.
  • Nowaske attributes his success on the field to his film study, hard work, preparation, and mindset. He prides himself on having a high motor and work ethic, as well as visualizing himself making plays throughout the week to prepare for game day.
  • Nowaske brings a violent yet controlled level of energy to game days and understands the importance of harnessing physicality to make plays while maintaining mental focus and avoiding emotional outbursts.

Trevor Nowaske like to play violent

During an interview with, Nowaske talked about himself as a player.

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“I would say the number one thing that sets me apart from other linebackers is my film study. My ability to watch and process film throughout the week scouting our opponent has helped me be the most prepared I can be on game day. When we get out on the field, I can dissect formations and have a good idea of what the offense is running before the ball is snapped.”

“The keys to success on the football field are hard work, preparation, and mindset. Having a high motor and work ethic are two things I pride myself on during games and have helped me gain success on the field over the past few years. I also prepare and visualize myself making plays throughout the week before the game, so I am already prepared for the challenges that come on game day.”

“I bring a violent, yet under control level of energy on game days. I understand that football is a violent sport, but also understand that you need to be able to harness that physicality in ways that help you make plays, so I make sure that before a game, I mentally focus on the task at hand, and make sure to not let my emotions get the best of me.”

Trevor Nowaske Highlights

Here are some Nowaske highlights that make you wonder if he could be one of those UDFAs who end up finding a fit in the NFL.

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