The Detroit Lions’ starting quarterback in 2020 will be…

Say what you want, but the biggest (and most important) question heading into the Detroit Lions‘ 2019 season is a no-brainer.

Will Matthew Stafford bounce back after a subpar 2018 campaign?

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Personally, I believe Stafford absolutely will bounce back and to take it a step further, it will be his stellar play which leads the Lions’ to a playoff berth.

But many disagree with me and think the Lions should have traded Stafford this offseason.

NOTE: Those people have absolutely no clue about how salary cap in football works and how stupid it would have been, financially speaking, for the Lions to trade Stafford.

That being said, following the 2019 season, the penalty for moving on from Stafford will be much less and you can bet the “trade Stafford” talks will be extremely loud if he struggles out of the gate and they would be justified.

So, let’s look on year into the future and answer the question, “Who will be the Detroit Lions’ starting quarterback in 2020?”

In my opinion, the answer to that question is simple.

Whether you like it or not, barring injury, Matthew Stafford absolutely will be the starting signal-caller for the Lions for the 2020 season.

Like I said earlier, I truly believe that Stafford will bounce back in a big way this coming season which would guarantee the Lions keep him around. But even if Stafford has a season similar to what he had in 2018, I would make a hefty bet he is still the Lions’ starter in 2020.

Nation, what do you think?

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