Detroit Lions to have alternate helmet for 2023, ‘interesting overhaul’ for uniforms in 2024

According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Lions will be getting an alternate helmet in 2023 and some 'interesting' new uniforms for 2024.

If you were hoping the Detroit Lions would have new uniforms for the 2023 season, you are out of luck. According to team president Rod Wood, the Lions will not be getting new uniforms until 2024, but they will be getting a new alternate helmet for the upcoming 2023 season. Wood spoke to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press and broke the news.

“There will not be new uniforms in 2023,” Wood said. “I know people get over their skis on that. It takes really two years to really get it going, so (Lions chief communications and brand officer) Brian (Facchini) and a team have been kind of working with Nike, looking at uniforms that will probably be for 2024. It could be an interesting overhaul of the uniforms. We will have a new alternative helmet though this year. We didn’t do that (last season).”

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Why it Matters for Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are set to have a new alternate helmet in 2023 and a complete uniform overhaul in 2024. The alternate helmet can only be worn with alternate uniforms, which for the Lions are their gray jerseys and pants. While the new helmet design has not been revealed, it is expected to look significantly different than the current silver helmet the Lions wear with the Lions logo on the side and blue striping down the middle. The NFL requires alternate helmets to feature a logo from the team's history, and teams cannot create a new logo specifically for the helmet.

“We take the logos off, so I guess you maybe have three helmets because you have the traditional, then you take the logos off for the throwback, then we’ll have that for the grays,” Wood said. “And then in 2024, we might have some additional uniforms, alternate, that we can wear it with.”

Sorry, Portsmouth Lions fans

The organization has started the extensive process of changing uniforms with the help of Nike designers, and team president Rod Wood has stated that the Lions will not stray too far from their brand.

For those of you who were hoping the Lions would incorporate the Portsmouth Lions colors, we are sorry, but not sorry!

“We’re not going to the Portsmouth colors,” he said. “No, it’ll still be within the blues and the grays. I think it’s too early to say exactly, but I would describe it at least initially as probably being more change than the last time we did it, cause I think those were more subtle changes.”

Bottom Line: Detroit Lions fans will have to wait for new uniforms, but a new helmet is on the way

The thought was that the Lions would have new uniforms by the time the 2023 season rolled around, but according to a report from Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Rod Wood has indicated that will not be happening. That being said, Wood told Birkett that the Lions will be getting a new alternate helmet for the upcoming season, but he would not give any details on what it will look like.